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Fan Yang杨帆

Property Manager

Fan Yang became an integral part of our team in October 2014, bringing with him a
diverse background and a wealth of skills. His educational journey led him through
the halls of Auckland, where he successfully earned a Bachelor Degree in
Information and Technology from Massey University.
Following his academic accomplishments, Fan embarked on his professional career
at AIL Insurance Company, where he excelled as an insurance consultant. Not
content with just one field of expertise, he also pursued a diploma in Counselling and
selflessly volunteered at Chinese Life Line, showcasing his commitment to making a
positive impact in the community.
In 2023, Fan further expanded his knowledge and credentials by obtaining his NZQA
Level 4 Residential Property Management certificate, a testament to his dedication to
professional growth. Proficient in English, Mandarin, and Shanghainese, Fans
multilingual abilities make him an invaluable bridge between our Chinese and
English-speaking landlords and colleagues.
Fan specializes in offering invaluable advice and support to our Chinese landlords
and investors, ensuring they receive tailored solutions that meet their unique needs
and goals. Beyond his professional life, Fan treasures spending quality time with
friends and family. His passion for sports shines through as he enjoys engaging in
spirited games of basketball and table tennis, further illustrating his dynamic and
multifaceted nature.

功获得了梅西大学(Massey University)信息技术学士学位。
Life Line)做义工,展示了他对社区产生积极影响的承诺。

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